Ruggeri, Prosecco Valdobbiadene Superiore DOCG (Veneto, Italy) “Giustino B Extra Dry” 2015

($28): It seems as though everything with bubbles is now called Prosecco.  And not just in the U.S.  I’ve ordered Prosecco in Italy, have been poured a glass from a bottle labeled sparkling Soave and have had the sommelier insist that it was “Prosecco.”  Even within the greater Prosecco delimited area, all the wine is not the same.  Prosecco from the flat lands, which fall under the DOC designation, are generally simple and inexpensive.  Those wines from the hilly cool area, and qualify for the DOCG designation of Valdobbiadene (and Conegliano) can deliver much more.  Ruggeri’s Giustino B, named to honor the founder of the estate, is floral, fruity and lacey.  It conveys a delicate and alluring white peach-like character.  Not thin or tart, it’s slightly creamy.  The Extra Dry designation, paradoxically indicating that it is slightly sweet, enhances its overall charm.  It would make a great aperitif this summer or be a fine accompaniment to sushi.
90 Michael Apstein Jun 13, 2017