Attems, Venezia Giulia IGT (Italy) Pinot Grigio “Ramato” 2015

($18, Folio Fine Wine Partners): At first blush — no pun intended — you’d think this wine was a marketing genius, encompassing two very hot wine categories:  Pinot Grigio and Rosé.  But no, the pink — actually copper hue — of the wine comes from the light red color of the skins of the Pinot Grigio grape.  Indeed, you taste and feel the skin contact because there’s a subtle and welcome bitterness in the finish emanating from the tannins in the skin.  It’s a good foil for the crisp strawberry-like fruitiness.  This is a long and substantial wine, a perfect choice for grilled rare tuna.
92 Michael Apstein May 23, 2017