Gruet, New Mexico (United States) Blanc de Noirs Brut NV

($14):  Wine from where, New Mexico?  And high class bubbly to boot.  Although wine aficionados know that Gruet has a track record for making excellent sparkling wine, most people are truly amazed when I suggest a sparkling wine from New Mexico.  Since their first vintage in 1987, Gruet’s wines have just gotten better as their vines age and they gain more experience with their vineyards.  This pale pink Blanc de Noirs has a delicate roundness and attractive strawberry notes that make it an equally good choice as an aperitif or for the table.  A group of non-wine geeks savoring a wide variety of superbly prepared seafood at an informal San Diego fish restaurant, The Fishery, were thrilled with it. 90 Michael Apstein Apr 13, 2010